What about the brand & the logo?

  • Terra is the Latin name for Earth, which represent the 4 elements (earth, water, air & fire). You working with all four elements while making ceramics. The 4 dots in my logo represent the elements, and the circle is simply the Earth.
  • Unique refers to the fact that each product is unique.
Who is Yvonne Greiner?

Yvonne Greiner is the woman behind the brand. She’s the one making all pieces by hand. She was born in Eastern Germany -81, lived in Germany until moving to Sweden in 2004, where she studied old traditional Scandinavian crafts and 12 years later she ended up in Denmark 2016, where she founded Terra Unique.

“I’m a curious person and I like trying new things. I love letting creative ideas come to life. My creative universe opens up when I’m relaxed and I often get new ideas while walking in the forest, meditating or listening to music. If I’m too stressed, a form of blockage occurs. The positive thing about clay is that it is very difficult to be stressed while working with it. I think it’s so great to be allowed to create things with your hands and express the inspiration and creativity that you have.”

How did Terra Unique come to life?

“I have always been interested in old crafts and for a long time I dreamed of starting my own business. Back in Germany I was training to become a carpenter, later on I was learning historical and traditional textile designs in Sweden. I have worked with leather and made shoes and bags out of it, I’ve made silver jewelry and also tried a lot of other crafts.

In 2013, I was given a ceramics course as a gift from my partner. The moment as I got to touch the clay while turning it I completely fell in love with the material! From that moment I knew that I wanted to do this for a longer time. 3 years later Terra Unique came to life.”

How do you make the ceramics?

“It’s a long process with many different steps, which I think is so exciting. All products start as a lump of clay. I weigh it, knead it, center it and then shape it on the potters wheel.

After about 1-2 days of drying, the foot has to be trimmed and polished. When the pot is completely dried, it will be fired in the kiln for the first time at 980 degrees, this will make the piece ready for glazing. After glazing, the pot must be fired again at 1260 degrees. It takes about 2-3 weeks for a piece to be completely finished.”

What’s it like working as a ceramic artist?

“It has really been an exciting journey with both ups and downs. I did not expect so much positive response to my products. I simply get so touched when people contact me and tell me how much they love their new handmade cups – it gives me energy.

Of course, it can also be stressful. There are many things to think about. I have also become better at asking for help. Because sometimes my two hands are just not enough. But if you have a dream to become a artist or designer, you have to believe in yourself and throw yourself into it! Don’t let one’s thoughts stop one’s dream from becoming reality.”

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